Standard Color Chart

Yellow 012c Golden Yellow 123c Bright Gold 1235c Orange Peel 021c Burnt Orange 159c
Red 186c Cardinal 202c Burgundy 209c Maroon 188c Pink 210c
Pale Pink 217c Hot Pink 806c Hex Magenta Navy 282c Dark Blue 294c
Royal 293c Light Blue 277c Bright Blue 299c Columbia Blue 292c Hex Cyan
Dark Green 553c Hunter 357c Green 356c Bright Green 355c Lime 376c
Dark Teal 323c Teal 321c Jade 3272u Purple 267c Lavender 2645c
Flesh 7514c Khaki 468c Tan 465c Brown 4705c Dark Brown 476c
Old Gold 1255u Vegas Gold 459u Charcoal Black 7c Grey CG 7c Light Grey CG 3c
Black White Metallic Gold 871c Metallic Silver 877c Cream 7499c

Standard colors are subject to change. Colors may shift under different lighting, on different garment substrates and when under based with white ink. All color matching is done on 100% white cotton with cool white florescent lighting. Custom Pantone mixes may not be exact. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a Pantone Color Chart. Due to varying monitor settings, the colors represented on this screen MAY NOT MATCH the actual ink colors on the garments. This chart should be used as an approximate reference only.